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The Power of "The Artist's Way"

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

The Artist’s Way put me on track to finding my purpose.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is on a path that doesn’t feel quite right.

I started reading it and putting its recommendations into practice.

I started journaling regularly, something I’ve always practiced but not consistently.

I started going on “artist dates”.

The artist date is basically about giving yourself permission.

It’s about reviving that which you liked doing, usually something you liked doing as a child.

But that you abandoned or did not allow to flourish for whatever reason.

My journey into real self discovery accelerated from there.

I didn’t realize that I was opening a can of worms when I opened up

To clues that journaling and the artist date gave me.

I clued into what was wrong.

I clued into the fact that there was much that I didn’t give myself permission to do.

One of my first artist dates was to go shopping for a book that spoke to me.

I ended up at the Novel Idea bookshop at the Slipway mall (in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania).

I bought a book on crystals.

The following week I ended up at a Boho trinkets shop.

My first crystal purchase was an amethyst.

It was a powerful stone that awoke something in me.

A certain intuition was jolted.

I bought a citrine on another trip.

A love and appreciation for crystals and the esoteric was stirred.

It all seems to have started from there.

A certain path was marked from there,

As if the start of the journey was unleashed there.

Of course, all moments and things led me there.

To that time and place of

Awakening to that which I am.

It starts with finding your joy.

There is much that has intervened since

that time.

A recognition that the more you allow things to feel right

The more things that feel wrong become intolerable.

As if your being simply throws them up, refuses to ingest or digest them.

This heralds the beginning.

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